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Becoming wealthy is not a matter of
luck, fate or circumstances,
but a direct consequence of making some
small but important changes in your life.
Dear friend

Are you ready to take the first step on your personal journey to wealth,
happiness and peace of mind?


    Good – then the first thing to realise is that wealth is a multi-faceted thing. There’s not just one secret to becoming wealthy – it’s about making small but important decisions in 7 key areas of your life.

    Even with the recent economic down turn, we live in the most affluent time in all of history with more opportunity to earn money and achieve financial independence than there has ever been before.


So ask yourself...

    Why is it so many people find themselves struggling for money. Why is it some people become wealthy and others don’t when they come from the same neighbourhoods, the same backgrounds with the same opportunities.

    Making money has always come naturally to me. So it came as a
revelation that not everybody knows how to make money, I had always assumed people just chose not to make money.

So with the help of some of the world’s leading wealth creators, including:

Duncan Bannatyne, James Caan,  Loral Langemeier, T Harv Eker, John Demartini,
Brian Tracy, Topher Morrison, Michael Gerber, Ted Nicholas, John Spencer Ellis, Kelli Ellis, Cappi Pidwell, Collette Carlson, Jon Biel, Greg Scott Reid, Woody Woodward,
Stuart Goldsmith,
Jonathan Jay, Marcus De Maria, D C Cordova, Dr Brenda Wade, K C Kang, Bruce Muzik, Nicole Brandon, Laura Tenison, Gary Goldstein, Denis Waitley, Marie Diamond, Frank Maguire, Peter Thomson

    I decided to rip away the veils of secrecy to uncover the common threads, which have run through the lives of the people throughout history who have achieved great wealth and - more importantly - kept it!

    What I found were 7 SECRETS or Laws of Wealth.

    All rich people know and apply one or more of them. They are simple laws. They are easy to understand and implement. Yet they are NOT taught in schools – but they should be. They are the secrets handed down from one wealthy person to another.

    Let me tell you all about what I’ve found, and why these laws are practically guaranteed to work for you if you now take the time to understand and follow them.

    But first...

    So you’ll really believe ‘anyone can do it’, I’d better tell you something about myself. My rags to riches story of goals, guts and glory!

    My name is Gill and I grew up in the East End of London. But now I am a multi-millionaire... and I’m absolutely convinced you can become a millionaire too.

    Here's why...

    In November 2007 I took part in the TV program ‘The Secret Millionaire’, when I went back to my roots in the East End of London.
My mission was to find deserving people to help get them started or to expand their businesses.

    This was a highly emotional experience for me...

    I was born into a very poor family. We lived in a two-up, two-down terrace house where three generations had been born and still lived. We backed onto the underground, and even the sewers! We were so poor, we didn’t even have a number on the door – so I chalked one up on the wall! Now, some 40 years later, I am financially free and I need never work again.

    I discovered how...

    Without any advantages - just by trial and error really - I discovered how to arrange my life so money flowed towards me and not away from me. I worked out all the details over many years, but the great seed was sewn by a moment of insight igniting a spark in me:

"Making money is no harder than not making money!"
And it’s enormous FUN, too!

    And you don’t ‘need money to make money’!

    You see...

    Becoming wealthy is not a matter of luck, fate or circumstances, but a direct consequence of obeying the guiding principles which I have uncovered and laid out for you in my new DVD, book and audio program called:
RICHES – The 7 Secrets of Wealth You Were Never Told.

Watch the DVD , Read the Book and listen to the Talking Book. The More of These Secrets You Know and Apply -
The Richer You Become.

Plus you'll receive 12 FREE wealth creation bonuses worth over £250

You'll receive downloadable books, videos, audios, reports, financial templates and tools,
with any order for the Riches DVD, Book or CD.

Your mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is open

    If we look at any list of the richest people in the world we find about 75% are self made and their distinguishing characteristic is their mindset, the way they think about money. Having the right mindset is the foundation on which to build your wealth strategies.

    So, I show you how to use the W.E.A.L.T.H.Y formula to encode your mind with positive belief patterns about money, wealth and financial well being. I’ll run you through a belief audit to examine both your negative and your positive beliefs about money and then show you a simple psychological process for collapsing limiting or negative beliefs and replacing them with positive ones.

You discover:

Secret #1: The Secret of Happiness:

    This is the most ancient of all the universal laws of wealth. Whilst it is the simplest of all the laws and has recurred time and time again throughout history, even to this day it remains a complete mystery to most people who by their very disobedience to this basic law find themselves experiencing easily avoidable financial hardship.

Secret #2: The Secret of Nature:

    The wealthy citizens of the ancient world fully understood the almost magical power of what thousands of years later, Albert Einstein reputedly said was “The greatest invention in human history”. It is the secret of making your gold multiply, the secret of making your money work for you, the secret of a life-time of wealth.

Secret #3: The Secret of Contentment:

    Sadly you will probably never be rich just by using your own money, this secret of wealth developed in 17th century Europe will show you how to explode your own wealth using other people's money.

Secret #4: The Secret of Possibility:

    Throughout the years there has been a group of people who have understood the fourth secret of wealth creation. Often called “lucky” or “blessed” by those who were blind to this secret, they became, and are still becoming some of the wealthiest people in the world.

Secret #5: The Secret of Balance:

    There has never been a better time in the whole of history to learn and apply the secret of balance. We live in the most affluent time in all of history; technology at our finger tips; communication at a speed previously unimagined, opportunity at the click of a mouse. Becoming wealthy or staying broke must surely be a choice we make either consciously or sub-consciously.

Secret #6: The Secret of Perspective:

    The longest journey ever undertaken started with one step, so it is with wealth creation. Wealthy people seldom have their wealth arrive in one fell swoop. Mastering secret number six requires diligent practice and constant application of this fundamental wealth principle.

Secret #7: The Secret of Peace:

    Most people earn their living by swapping their irreplaceable time for money. Some working 9 to 5 for an employer; others self employed but burning the candle at both ends. Most people are breaking Secret# 7 The Secret of Peace. This secret is so counter intuitive, it goes against basic human psychology, yet it is the most powerful secret of all.

    Phew! There’s a lot of very powerful stuff there (and I’ve only had space to scratch the surface in this letter).

    So, are you ready to become wealthy?

    I know you can do it, because I HAVE DONE IT...

    I’m willing to bet I had a worse and poorer start in life than most of the people you know and yet here I am, financially free, with my wealth accumulating faster every day. I love it, and I’d love you to have it all too. Because I believe I’ve been put on this planet for a special purpose: to light the spark of financial possibility for as many people as I can get to in my lifetime.

    So please order “RICHES - The Seven Secrets of Wealth YOU Were Never Told!

Wishing you wealth, happiness and peace of mind.

Gill Fielding

12 FREE wealth creation bonuses worth over £250

You'll receive downloadable books, videos, audios, reports, financial templates and tools, with any order
for the Riches DVD, Book, or CD.

Watch the DVD , Read the Book and listen to the Talking Book.
The More of These Secrets You Know and Apply - The Richer You Become.